1 - For every person that joins Vida Active Club CIC on the £20 or £25 monthly membership, £10 will be put into a pot for the cash prize draw.

2 - For every joiner that you refer, your name will be added to the hat once. Refer more friends for more chances to win.


3 - At the end of each month a name will be drawn out of the hat during a live class.  the name drawn will win the cash in the pot.

4 - You can refer as many friends as you like.

5 - A new member will only count as a new joiner for the purposes of the cash draw if that members has never been a member of Vida Active Club before or has been away from the club for at least 12 continuous months. 

6 - There is no contract for new joiners and they can cancel their membership at any time. 

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