Fitter. Healthier. Happier! Rules and regulations

1. Valid for new members only. The aim is to get people who are not currently exercising to do so. 

2. Must join one of the full memberships of £25 or £20 per month.

3. No cancelation within first 6 months.  May cancel after 6 payments.

4. Must attend a minimum of 8 classes in the payment cycle* to qualify for refund.

5. Classes in person, indoors and outdoors, as well as zoom classes are valid.

6. Member needs to notify Vida Active on that 8 classes have been attended at the end of the payment cycle. Vida Active will check and if confirmed, full membership fee will be refunded.

7. In case of prolonged illness or injury, a medical certificate may be required to qualify for a refund without attending sessions.

8. After 6 months a refund is no longer an option - unless there are attenuating circumstance's and member contacts club to discuss.

* Payment Cycle runs from the day the membership fee is made to the day before the next payment is made. 


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