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Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Today we give you ... Cleria Humphries - creator, moderator, innovator.

For 9 years now Cleria has been running this business with passion, dedication, commitment and lots and lots of love.

Launching the business as Circuit for women initially, she quickly started innovating by introducing her own fun and effective classes such as Fit'n'Mix, Tush'n'Tum, Hoop Moves, Brazilian Booty etc, which became very popular.

Her love for Vida Active Club (previously QuickFit for women) and it's members has never diminished, even through difficult times, and it is evolving into a vibrant, multi-location club that aims to be accessible to everyone, both in terms of location and cost.

A class with Cleria is hard work but with lots and lots of laughter too.

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