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Today we give you ... Helene Evans!

Helene is one of the most "bad ass" woman I know. Tough, resilient, determined and hard working, a true warrior who takes no shit from anyone. Amazingly, in just equal measures, she is like a delicate pink fairy. Not "underneath she is sweet ...", not "if you peel away the layers ..." but she is hard core and sweet in equal measures and on all levels.

She is also very experienced and knowledgeable in fitness, well being and nutrition, and uses this knowledge in her work with great passion!

Vida Active Club is extremely lucky to have Helen coming on board from September. Dates, times and classes aren't yet completely set in stone because she is currently in OZ swimming with whales or catching crocodiles or whatever it is one does down under ... but provisionally she will be doing a Combat class on Mondays and a Core orientated class on Thursdays, both in Eastbrook Manor Centre - a great space with plenty of free parking. More sessions are also a possibility if enough people are interested.

Check it out on www.vidaactive.club. Currently memberships are only £19.99 per month and will never go up for joiners of that price.

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