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Vida Active's Weight Loss Program

10 weeks. Lose 10lbs, 10 inches and 10% body fat - or your money back!

Happy Woman

Look and feel wonderful

No unhealthy, unrealistic and unsustainable diets. No impossible fitness programs.

Just a good food/exercise balance and a positive outlook!

Walking to Yoga class

Variety of classes

A big variety of classes to chose from, including Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Boxercise, Kettlebells, Circuits, H.I.I.T, Stepaerobics, BollyMoves and more ...

Exercise Group
Healthy Lunch

No crazy diets

It's all about balance. Eat a healthy, balanced diet most of the time and have a treat sometimes. It's about giving you all the nutrients your body needs while aiming for a slight daily calorie deficit - this won't be hard with the calories you'll burn in our fun classes. 


Receive continued support from your weight loss mentor and your peers. 

Attend meetings in person and join the group on the app. Ask questions, share recipes and just support each other. 

Women Holding Hands
It's just £5 per week plus standard Membership to attend exercise classes.  Our memberships are incredible value for money with unlimited fitness classes.
Join it now:  


 The money back guarantee offer is only valid when the participants:

1 - Attends a minimum of 5 fitness classes per week @ Vida Active.  

2 - Classes must include at least 2 class from category a and at least 1 class from categories b & c every week:

a) Cardiovascular: Zumba, Fit'n'Mix, Stepaerobics, FitBox, BollyMoves, H.I.I.T

b) Strength & Toning: Circuits, Kettlebells, Tush'n'Tum

c)  Wellness: Pilates, Yoga

3 - Attend at least 5 support sessions in the 10 weeks.

4 - Demonstrates commitment to a balanced diet by trying new recipes and sharing experiences with the group. 

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