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1. There's no joining fee.

1 - You can join at any time - membership starts at time of joining and you will be billed at the point of joining and every month at the same day/time, unless you are joining on a free trial. In the case of a free trial, you will be billed at the end of the free trial period and then every subsequent month until you cancel.



1 - Cancel at any time by giving notice in writing by emailing a minimum of 14 days before your payment is due to come out. 

2 - If your notice period is less than 14 days, one more payment will be taken before the payments stop.  You will still be able to book classes for 1 month after your last payment.



1 - Always book a class you wish to attend.  Booking can be made up to 21 days in advance.

2 - Always cancel classes you cannot attend with a minimum of 2 hours notice.  After this time you will no longer be able to cancel. 

3 - No shows to a booked class will incur a £4 charge on your account.



1 - Arrive at least 5 minutes before a class is due to start.

2 - For Yoga and Pilates, late-comers will not be admitted so not to disrupt the class. For all other class, late-comers will be admitted at their own risk of injuries for missing the warm-up. 

3 - Vida Active encourages chatting and socializing, but please keep it to a minimum during the class to avoid disruption for other members and/or instructors.


1 - If using a mat provided by the studio, always bring a towel to cover it up.

2 - Do not enter the studio with muddy shoes.

3 - Leave wet items (coats, umbrellas, shoes) at the allocated space by reception.

4 - Keep the studio clear of personal items. 



Yoga Pose

When signing up to Vida Active's Membership and/or attending Vida Active's classes you agree to the following terms and conditions: