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1 - There's no joining fee. 

2 - Our membership gives you access to the Rolling Circuits  - circuit classes on a constant timer which you can join at any time during their operating time, no booking needed.  The membership also gives you huge discounts when purchasing classes and class packages. 

4 - You can join at any time - membership starts at time of joining and you will be billed at the point of joining and every month at the same day/time, unless you are joining on a free trial.

5 - In the case of a free trial, you will be billed at the end of the free trial period and then every subsequent month until you cancel. To cancel a free trial and not move on to a paid membership, please advise us a minimum of 24 hours before your trial is due to end on or 07766744871.

6 - When you purchase class packages, you will be provided with stickers for each class you've paid for.  When checking in for the class, please place the sticker next to your name to confirm attendance. 



1 - You are able to cancel at any time by giving notice in writing by emailing a minimum of 21  days before your payment is due to come out. 

2 - If your notice period is less than 21 days before the next payment, one more payment will be taken.  You will still be able to book classes for one month after your last payment. 


1 - You can request to have your membership frozen for 1 month by emailing


1 - We do not offer refunds unless there has been a mistake on our part: i.e you emailed us requesting a cancelation of your membership and we did not act on it in time (remember, we need at least 21 days notice). 

2 - We may occasionally need to remove classes from the timetable due to operational reasons.  As we will always endeavor to have a variety of classes available, removing a specific class does not entitle you to a refund. 



1 - Always book a class you wish to attend.  Bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance.

2 - Always cancel classes you cannot attend with a minimum of 3 hours notice.  

3 - Non-attendance of a booked class and cancellations within 3 hours of the class starting will incur a £8 charge on your account.



1 - Please arrive at least 5 minutes before a class is due to start.

2 - For Yoga and Pilates, late-comers will not be admitted so not to disrupt the class. For all other class, late-comers will be admitted at their own risk of injuries for missing the warm-up. 

3 - Please do not attend classes if you have a cold, flu, covid or any other virus that can be transmitted to other members and staff. 

3 - Vida Active encourages chatting and socializing, but please keep it to a minimum during the class to avoid disruption for other members and/or instructors.


1 - If using a mat provided by the studio, please always bring a towel to cover it up.

2 - Please do not enter the studio with muddy shoes.

3 - Please leave wet items (coats, umbrellas, shoes) at the allocated space by reception.

4 - Please keep the studio area clear of personal items. 



Yoga Pose

When signing up to Vida Active's Membership and/or attending Vida Active's classes you agree to the following terms and conditions:

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