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Half-hour gentle exercises to help with:

* Fall prevention

* Balance

* Flexibility

* Strength

* Stay active and independent for longer!


Our exercise sessions are suitable for all seniors with variations to suit those who may be struggling with an illness or injury, as well as for those who are fitter and want to give a little extra.

We use chairs, soft balls, stretch bands, hand held weights (or food cans) as well as just our body weight to perform exercises that will strengthen the muscles and make them more flexible. This will help with fall prevention, perform every day tasks and be more independent for longer. 

We make sure the exercises are fun.  There will almost always be a little dance involved!

This is followed by half-hour socialising with a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits to help with:

* Prevent loneliness

* Fight isolation

* Fight depression

* Make new friends


After the exercise is over it's time to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits - or cake, and put the world to right.

This is such a social and collaborative session. Participants help to put out tables and chairs, make drinks, often bake cakes to share, help do the wash-up afterwards and tidy up.

It's a happy atmosphere where people catch-up and make new friends. 

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