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Fri, Aug 14, 8:11 PM

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We highly recommend Cleria's 60+ Balance classes to anyone who would like to improve their core strength and balance.  


Cleria is a wonderful instructor, planning sessions that are interesting, fun and accessible to people of all abilities.  Cleria is always ready to provide an alternative exercise, if required.  


The aim of the exercises is to improve core strength, which is so important for us folk "of a certain age"!   We know that the class is effective in achieving this aim, as we are aware of having improved our balance over the time we have been attending.


Cleria creates a warm, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere amongst the class members. This is reflected not only during the classes but also in the friendly social time afterwards, when we can relax and enjoy a chat together.


We are very pleased to have recommended the class to some friends, who have since become regular participants.


We both look forward to our twice weekly sessions and would like to thank Cleria very much for all that she does.


Karen and Jack Pryer

Sat, Aug 15, 12:53 PM

to me


We started at Cleria's over 60's Exercise and Socialise twice weekly meetings towards the end of last year. We found it an ideal mix having both retired recently as we found it very easy to slip into a routine of not taking any exercise. We have read that keeping a regular exercise routine going is important for all ages but older people tend not to do this. We realised that regular exercise in older age can ward off all sorts of aches and pains,can help improve mental health and promote a long and healthy old age. Having more free time we were also seeking to extend our social life, so with Cleria's meetings we have the best of both worlds exercise and socialising. 


During the lock down Cleria made a special effort to keep us all connected via Zoom,so we could continue our exercise routine and also at the end of our exercise time we were able to chat with others from our group. After the lock down on fine weather days we are able to meet outside at the Shark Park (with social distancing)and on other days continue to meet etc via Zoom.  We are finding this group of great benefit to us both physically and mentally and speaking to others in our group,like us, the newly retired and up to those into their 80s we are all finding it a great help in our lives. We have seen at first hand the good that Cleria's meetings are doing for both us and those  others at our over 60s Exercise  and Socialise meetings and know that many others would benefit from this group and perhaps other groups within the area. 


Roy and Elaine Watson

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